It is my honor to provide therapeutic services to adolescents and young adults. Transition times and life changes can induce a variety of stressors and anxieties. I will take the time to listen and foster a healing process in order for the client to learn how to cope with these stressors.

Since I can remember, I have always been strongly interested in listening to others. Allowing them to have a voice, to feel heard, and to be valued. My passion is working with clients to allow a healing process to occur, in which they will learn about how they cope, learn, grow, and express their emotions.

Therapeutic Approach

Located in the South Bay, the Redondo Beach office serves as a safe space for my clients to explore emotional healing. I utilize Psychodynamic Theory, in which my clients will be able to gain a deeper sense of understanding of their mind. It is an honor to establish rapport with my clients and provide empathy, compassion, and ears to listen, all while implementing clinical guidance.

I provide comprehensive services for: